80.000 NBA 2K17 MT Points - Xbox One

80.000 NBA 2K17 MT Points - Xbox One

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Note: The transaction fee is to be borne by you

Delivery Information


Please take the following steps before you place your order:


1. Choose a player from your squad

2. Put the player on the transfer list

3. Click on “ Available objects” in the transfer list and choose the player

4. The starting price is freely selectable

5. Set the buy now price to the number of coins you want to order:

6. Adjust the transfer duration to 24 hours

7. Click on offer


The player is now on the transfer list in the “current transfers” section.


Please make sure the delivery Information are correct, upon successful completion of the order, the supplier will be able to find your player auction with your data, buy it and thus you will get your coin amount.

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