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Blitzkrieg 3 - Steam Gift (PC)

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Blitzkrieg 3 - Steam Gift

Blitzkrieg 3 is a military RTS set in WWII over several campaigns spanning wars history, and giving players access to the units that defined the war.

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About this game

Blitzkrieg 3 is a continuation of the legendary series of World War II RTS made for true admirers of the strategy genre. Challenge your tactical skills in historical PvE campaigns or defeat the enemy in competitive PvP matches! Blitzkrieg 3 is being created with the active participation of the player community: after just a few months of Early Access, we introduced a new multiplayer mode, raised the level cap for base development, and completely reworked our combat system to make it more realistic. Decide the fate of this project together with us! Determine the outcome of the most important battles of World War II in 3 global single-player campaigns that cover the main period of World War II from the invasion of Poland in 1939 to the triumphant capture of Berlin by Soviet forces in 1945. You choose your side in the conflict - the USSR, the Axis, or the Western Allies! Take command of one of the armies and win in the legendary special forces operations of World War II that were recreated from archival materials on historically accurate maps. The best strategists will get additional rewards for perfectly cleared missions! You will lead more than 200 models of realistic combat vehicles into battle. All of them were developed on the basis of historical technical characteristics, with more than 100 models of armored vehicles and self-propelled guns. You will have access to assault squads and infantry to guide into battle. Or, if you prefer to make sure your defenses are squared away, there's plenty of items to help with that too. Each unit, vehicle, and item have been recreated to be as accurate as possible. Each weapon has a specific rate of fire. Every soldier has a set field of vision. Every detail is meant to make this RTS experience one for the books. One whose history you can decide.

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