The legendary Grand Theft Auto franchise has cemented its place in gaming folklore, with its potent cocktail of violence, corruption and high-octane gameplay.

Head to some of the meanest areas of the United States, forge unlikely alliances and do whatever it takes to survive the unforgiving life of a criminal.




Grand Theft Auto V (PC)


Rockstar Games bring players to their reimagining of Southern California in Grand Theft Auto V. Switch between the interconnected lives of Franklin, Michael and Trevor as you come together in a series of heists in the most expansive entry in the series yet.



GTA V was one of the most anticipated games on PC, and for a good reason. One of the most compelling features that the game brought was the first person mode, which immersed you in a world like no other GTA game before. That, combined with the stunning world of the game,Los Santos, makes for one of the most convincing and beautifully made game environments today. The attention to every detail makes the world feel so alive, and you're a part of that living, breathing world. Everything, from the textures of car tires to the rain, is done brilliantly, so if you're looking for a gorgeous video game to look at, GTA V is one of the best choices out there. Of course, you won't just be staring at the game, as you have so many things to do, be it the main story of one of our three protagonists, or some random side mission that you found. Since this is GTA after all, you can also just drive off to another, distant part of town and cause chaos along the way. Los Santos is your playground, so do whatever you want in it!

Even after you're done with the many wonders of single player, you can go and play GTA Online. The online part of GTA V had quite a rough start, with lots of servers issues and even more balance problems, but most of those have been patched today. Up to 30 people can hop into a server, and 2 more can be spectators. Bring in a couple of friends and cause mayhem together, or play seriously and do various missions and side tasks to earn some money and buy nice, expensive cars. Even though most problems concerning the online mode have been taken care off, even today people get banned for no reason, the servers appear offline and all sorts of problems arise. Still, the game is a worthy purchase just with the single player mode, which is one of the best sandbox open-world crime simulators!

Grand Theft Auto IV (PC)


The worst place in America. Follow the story of Niko Bellic and his cousin Roman as they try to make their way in the cruel, unforgiving streets of a crime-ridden city in Grand Theft Auto IV.



GTA IV is a game that impresses you at the start of and then keeps impressing you right until the very end. You play as the illegal immigrant that just arrived in Liberty City, Niko Bellic. A likable, yet badass protagonist, an interesting, nonlinear storyline and Liberty City, one of the most living, breathing urban environment we've seen in video games at that time. The game isn't perfect, but it's quite an enjoyable ride from the start to the end. You start working for criminal organizations, killing people you're ordered to kill. But, you don't have to kill them, you can just set them free if they promise to never return again. You risk that your employer might find out about that, but GTA IV is all about giving you options to work with, which will make you play the game multiple time to try out all of the options. The story mode takes about 30 hours or so to complete, but you have so many side activities to keep you interested for a much longer time. As with other GTA titles before this one, GTA IV also has loose handling, making the act of driving fairly simple for anyone to understand. You won't find many faults with the game except the dated graphics, but that's nothing a few mods can't fix!

The online aspect of the game is also quite well done, as you and up to 15 other players are able to join an online version of Liberty City with guns scattered all over the place to ensure that mayhem ensues sooner or later. A variety of game modes is there to make sure that you play the online mode for quite a lot, so game modes like Cops 'n Crooks, Turf War, and even basic ones like Deathmatch and Race will keep you entertained for many hours!