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Caesar 4 - Steam Gift (PC)

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About This Game

Hail Caesar! Starting as governor of a newly formed province in the Roman Empire your goal is simple: advance up the empire's political ladder to become the next Caesar. As governor, you will have total control over your province: including city planning, finances, and defenses. As you succeed you will be given new challenges in other provinces within the Roman Empire ultimately ending in the heart of the empire: Rome.

Caesar™ IV represents the culmination of more than a decade of development experience in the city builder genre making it the definitive ancient city builder. Plebs need not apply. Build Your Rome: Build your city in any imaginable combination. Bask in the awe-inspiring glory of more than 100 unique structures.

Expanded Economic Control: With over 30 tradable goods, 10 industries, 4 markets and foreign trade routes the economic possibilities are vast. Leading Edge Graphics: High dynamic range lighting, specular & bump mapping along with realistic weather effects and a complete day / night cycle bring Rome to life in never before seen detail.

Experience Life in Ancient Rome: Interact with more than 75 unique characters within your city. Improved Combat Functionality: Take direct control over your legions, who gain experience through combat and training, as you ward off barbaric invasions. Over 100 Hours of Gameplay: Including career mode, standalone competitive scenarios, and sandbox mode.

Hail Caesar indeed. Will you be able to raise your city to the grandest of heights that'll ensure that it'll be remembered forever? You're in for a lot of work if so. There's a lot to do in building a city, then a country, and you'll have to go through it all to gain prominence. But of course, you can have fun with it, it's your city after all! Interact with the population, build to your hearts content, get the fame you so desperately deserve in Caesar 4.

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