What’s a Deezer gift card?
They’re little cards you can buy in various shops around the world that will give you (or whoever you give them to) access to Deezer Premium+ for a set number of months.

How many months can I buy at once?
You can buy one, three or six months of Deezer Premium+ with a gift card. In Austria, you can only buy one month cards.

How do I use my Deezer gift card? 
Just visit: http://deezer.com/gift and enter the code found on the back of your card.

Can I use a gift card if I pay for my Premium+ subscription through Google Play or iTunes stores?
No. If you want to use a gift card on your account, you’ll need to cancel your subscription via iTunes or Google Play and then redeem your gift card:www.deezer.com/gift

Where are Deezer gift cards available?
Right now, physical gift cards are available in AustriaBrazilFrance and Germany. We’re hoping to bring them to more countries soon, but in the meantime you can buy a digital gift card here:www.deezer.com/offers/

I'm having problems redeeming my pre-paid card, who can I contact?
If you're having problems redeeming your pre-card, please contact Deezer Support: support.deezer.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new, including a scan or picture of the card and receipt of purchase.