Demons Age (PC)

Demons Age (PC)

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  • Release Date Jun 30, 2018
  • Language English
  • Platform PC / Mac / Linux
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About This Game

RPGs are one of the most classic genres in video games, and they started out as something very different than they are interpreted as now. One game seeks to capture what those games did in the past. This is Demons Age. This game is meant to the spiritual successor to titles like Baldur's Gate, or The Temple of Elemental Evil. Even mimicking some of the gameplay mechanics that made those titles great. Yet, Demons Age isn't afraid to set its own path, and do things differently than them.

For example, Demons Age has a unique art style all its own, wanting to live its own impression on how turn-based RPGs should look. Furthermore, they took this initiative and used it to craft an all-new world, one where there are new locations to visit, new characters to meet, new enemies to face, and much, much more. This is a world you've never been to, but once you're in the game, you'll want to see every part of.

What else can you expect from Demons Age? Well, the game will have a comprehensive editor, one that you will use to set up your character the way you want to. Then, you can search the game world and hire new companions to join you on your journey. But each of these characters has their own story to tell, and not all of them are good. The game has original voice acting, one that you will hear in full as you travel the world known as Moragon.

Demons Age is a true and full RPG, and one you won't want to miss.


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