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Dreadnought Outlaw Hoard DLC (Steam Gift)

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  • Release Date Oct 15, 2018
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About This DLC

This bundle contains:

Currency and faster progression

  • 180 days of Elite Status - Enable you and your allies to progress faster with every battle.

  • 200,000 Credits - Purchase new ships and modules.

  • 4,000 GP - Buy Credits, Hero Ships, Elite Status, captain gear, and ship vanity items.

Dreadnought Outlaw Hoard DLC

Unique ships and parts

  • Herja Hero Ship - A Tier-III Jupiter Arms tactical cruiser: built to go on the offensive.

  • Trident Hero Ship - A Tier-IV Jupiter Arms dreadnought: famous for dealing—and taking—damage.

  • Retrofit Pack: Vitra artillery cruiser - Use the Vitra’s forecastle, bridge, hull, and stern on any of your Oberon artillery cruisers.

Exclusive collections, captain gear, and more

  • Protector decal collection - An exclusive decal for any of your ships.

  • Blaze coating collection - An exclusive coating for any of your ships.

  • Lion’s Mane figurehead - An exclusive figurehead for any of your Akula Vektor destroyers.

  • Gearhead Worksuit - A rugged outfit for those who fear neither grease nor grime (male and female styles).

  • Good Fortune Cap - Some say it’s lucky. Others say it’s just fashionable.

Dreadnought Outlaw Hoard DLC

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)

  • Processor: AMD Phenom II X2 series 3.0GHz / Intel Core 2 Duo E7000 series 2.6GHz

  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTS 450 / AMD HD 5750 / Intel Iris Pro 6200

  • DirectX: Version 11

  • Storage: 25 GB available space


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