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EA Sports has massively limited FUT transfers in FIFA since March 9th. As a company having years of experience in selling and delivering digital goods, is very pleased to offer you a new and safe way to buy FIFA Coins – and have them safely delivered. We call it Player Auction


Player auction in Transfer Market with just three easy steps!


The first step:

Select desired Coin amount and platform of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins at and complete your purchase.


The second step:

Sell one or more players with BUY NOW in the transfer market in FIFA15 (the whole BUY NOW price must correspond to the amount of coins of the order), and make this information as follows:

1. Choose a player whose Maximum Price Range should at least equal to your desired Coin amount.
2. Put this player into the transfer list
3. Select the starting price in the proposal which is only available after a player choice. (The starting price must be higher than minimum price range. Facilitates assignment)
4. Set the buy now price to the Coin amount that you ordered from us. (The buy now price must be lower than the maximum price range)

5. Set the transfer time to 3 days


The third step:
Send us the following information via email to: >>[email protected]<<

1. Player Name
2. Players Rating
3. Starting price (the starting price must be higher than minimum Price Range)
4. Buy Now price (the buy now Price must be lower than the maximum Price Range)
5. Date of issue
6. Bought for
7. Number of owners


Important Note!

1. Please make sure that all the data you provide are correct, thus we can find your player auction according to your data and purchase for them to deliver your coins.

2. The 5% transaction fee that is charged by EA is to be borne by you.


Over 90 percent of all orders can be fulfilled only 1 hour after purchase.


We deliver your order within 3 to 24 hours up on payment receipt.

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€50.99 €59.99