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Football Manager Touch 2017 - Steam Gift (PC)

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Football Manager Touch 2017 - Steam Gift (PC) Game Key

Football Manager Touch 2017 lets you control a soccer team in a more streamlined version of the management simulator.

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About This Game

Take control of your favourite football team in Football Manager Touch 2017, the streamlined, ‘transfers and tactics’ way to enjoy football management.

With over 2,500 real clubs to manage and over 190,000 real footballers and staff to sign, Football Manager Touch 2017 packs the depth of Football Manager’s acclaimed data but provides a faster experience, focusing on the core managerial duties.

You’ll have full control of transfers and decide who plays, and who sits on the bench. You're in complete control of tactics, team-talks and pitch-side instructions, and you’ll follow the match live with our acclaimed 3D match engine. You’ll also deal with real football media, solve player-happiness problems and the board will watch your every move.

Pre-contract offer conversations can now take place with players or agents allowing you to map out your vision for the club. Be sure to sell your club convincingly though, otherwise you could wind up in a long-running transfer saga.

Are you up to handling the pressures it take to manage a successful football team? Are you ready to handle the business side of getting players, making contracts, doing drastic changes when things go south? Are you ready to handle the strategy that goes into managing a game when the pressure is on? Can you handle the eyes of the world being on you? If you say "yes", then hop into Football Manager 2017 and prove it, if you can.

With the touch version of the game the gameplay has never been more simplistic to use and control. So if you've been looking for a more simple version that you won't get overwhelmed by, this is it. Simple clicks of a button can set up key plays, or make big decisions, so be careful when you click, and as always, try and be the best football manager you can be.

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