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Official G Data Internet Security 2015 - 1 PC

G Data Internet Security 2015 - 1 PC

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We include G Data Internet Security among the best internet security software reviews because of its extraordinary showing at a test conducted by AV-Test software lab and because of its broad feature list that goes beyond basic protections. This product falls just outside of the top three in a long, competitive list of capable security suites.

We’ll consider the performance test results first. AV-Test installed and ran 25 internet security software brands continuously during March and April of 2014. G Data was one of them. The host computers ran Windows 8.1 (64 bit). All of the products were the most current version available to the public and AV-Test configured them such that each one could update itself at will and query in-cloud services. There were two tests to measure protection: 138 samples of brand new, zero-day malware attacks and 20,646 samples of prevalent and widespread malware. The industry average for the first test was 94 percent detection. The industry average for the second test was 98 percent effectiveness against the widespread malware examples. G Data rose above the average to achieve 100 percent effectiveness in both tests. In tests to measure average influence on host computer speed and the impact of the software on the usability of the host computer, G Data matched the industry averages.

The foundation of any internet security suite corresponds to the basic antivirus product feature list: virus detection, scanning email for threats and ensuring secure online shopping and banking. G Data is not different in that regard. The features that make it an internet security suite go beyond basics. For example, it includes a proprietary firewall. What’s wrong with the firewall that included with Windows? Nothing. There is no argument for an average PC user to use something other than the Windows firewall. However, advanced techies might be interested in a third-party firewall such as G Data’s because of a finer level of control over which applications can access the internet and a friendlier interface. Another level of protection in the internet security suite is against spam: the software blocks advertising emails and protects against phishing links that try to trick you into revealing personal identity data. Parental controls are yet another example of an internet security suite level feature. You can keep your child away from websites that are not appropriate and you can control how much time a child can spend web surfing and gaming.

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