Jamestown - Steam Gift (PC)

Jamestown - Steam Gift (PC)

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Jamestown - Steam Gift

Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony is a top-down shooter set on Mars where Britain has a colony in this altered future.

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About Jamestown - Steam Gift

Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony is a neo-classical top-down shooter for up to 4 players, set on 17th-century British Colonial Mars. It features all the intensity, depth, and lovingly handcrafted pixels of a classic arcade shooter, with a modern twist: deeply-integrated cooperative gameplay.

Unlike most top-down shooters, which give multiple players a shared pool of lives or continues, Jamestown does something different. So long as any player survives, the team can be brought back from death. By giving every player the power to rescue their team from the jaws of destruction, Jamestown creates an exhilarating cooperative experience where everyone’s contribution truly matters. Win or lose, your team will do it together.

Blast your way through historic Mars as a crack team of up to 4 friends in local co-op mode. Marvel and rejoice at vast expanses of lovingly handcrafted pixels. Escape into a fast-paced story of swashbuckling redemption. Epic orchestral scores composed by Francisco Cerda, unique to each level. Brave the hostile Martian frontier with your pick of 1619’s finest steampunk weaponry

Master innovative co-op mechanics paired with classical top-down shooter gameplay. Test your skills against 20+ rule-bending bonus levels. Run the “Gauntlet” arcade mode, and play Jamestown like it’s 1996. Leverage the unique scoring system to claw your way up the online leaderboards. Unlock all 30+ Steam achievements... if you can!

When history gets twisted, fun things can happen. The proof is in the pudding with Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony. Play with friends, or by yourself as you take on the forces of Mars in a vastly different take on history. You need to keep your team alive to survive, will you be able to do so? Plus, with various modes, you'll see just how retro this modern title is. If you're ready to shoot'em up, hop into Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony.

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft Windows XP with SP2 / Vista / 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or better
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 250 MB
    • Video Card: Any OpenGL 2.0 graphics card with 256MB+ video RAM
    • DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
    • Additional: One keyboard, controller, or mouse required per player. Supports multiple mice and/or keyboards. 3-buttons required for mouse play.
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