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Paper Mario: Sticker Star - NINTENDO eShop Code (3DS/EU/Digital Download Code)

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Paper Mario: Sticker Star - NINTENDO eShop Code (3DS/EU/Digital Download Code)

Paper Mario: Sticker Star takes the once RPG series and puts a spin on it by making it more of an adventure title with stickers.

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About this game

A sticky situation has never been so fun! There's trouble afoot in the town of Decalburg, where the devious Bowser has disrupted the beloved Sticker Fest by causing the Sticker Comet to explode. Now Royal Stickers and pieces of the comet have been flung far and wide, and it's up to Mario and his ally Kersti to set things right by recovering them. This captivating hand-held Adventure will have new and experienced fans of the Paper Mario series captivated as they navigate colorful 3D environments, defeat enemies, collect oodles of stickers and items and use them in a variety of fun ways.

Stickers are the key to this imaginative adventure. Battles are turn-based like in the original Paper Mario game, but instead of an attack menu, Mario whomps on his enemies using a sticker to attack. Stickers not only serve as Mario's attacks, but also help solve puzzles throughout the Paper Mario universe when placed in the correct spots. Stickers can be found and collected from all corners of the world, and the flashier the sticker, the more powerful it is.

Mario can also spend coins to use the Battle Spinner, which lets him use up to 3 stickers in one turn if the icons are lined up just right. The Battle Spinner can turn the tide in a difficult battle, so collecting coins through the game to use it is crucial.

If you're tired of the "standard RPG" fare of having to grind through levels to get new abilities, then fear not! Paper Mario: Sticker Star does away with that for the first time, and lets players adventures decide how powerful they get, or what they get. The world is filled with stickers to get, and people to help, and bosses to beat. The more you do, the more you grow! And the more you grow, the better off you'll be in later levels.

Experience the first Paper Mario game for handheld, and get your sticker on in Paper Mario: Sticker Star!

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