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Overwatch Game of the Year Edition (PC) - GLOBAL

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  • Release Date May 23, 2017
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About this game

There's never been a better time to become a hero of tomorrow. Join over 30 million players today and save big on Overwatch and Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition!

Then Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition comes out on Tuesday, May 23 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 digitally and will replace the Origins Edition. The Game of the Year Edition includes the following bonus items:

  • 10 Loot Boxes

  • Vintage Blackwatch Reyes, Strike-Commander Morrison, Overgrown Bastion, Security Chief Phara, and Slipstream Tracer skins.

  • Tracer for Heroes of the Storm

  • Baby Winston pet for World of Warcraft

  • Mercy's wings for Diablo III

  • Tracer, Reaper, Pharah, Winston, Bastion, and Soldier: 76, portraits for StarCraft II

  • Overwatch-themed card back for Hearthstone

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