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Owlboy - Steam Gift (PC)

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  • Release Date Nov 2, 2016
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Owlboy - Steam Gift (PC)

Owlboy is an 8-bit adventure game done in the style of classic games of the past where players are a young boy trying to save his world from pirates.

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About This Game

Owlboy is a 'hi-bit' adventure game, where you can fly and explore a brand new world in the clouds! Pick up your friends, and bring them with you as you explore the open skies. Overcome obstacles and greater enemies, in one of the most detailed adventures of this era.

Being a mute, Otus struggles living up to the expectations of owl-hood. Things spiral from bad to worse with the sudden appearance of sky pirates.

What follows is a journey through monster infested ruins, with unexpected encounters, well kept secrets, and burdens no one should have to bear. A love letter to pixel art for a new audience, Owlboy is a story-driven action adventure, with a unique mix of flight and platforming.

Carry anything. Recruit Otus’s friends as gunners to fight for you, each with unique abilities and stories.

Large dungeons with big and challenging boss battles. An adventure 9 years in the making.

Together with FNA creator Ethan Lee, we've produced a version of Owlboy that runs on Mac and Linux. It should be functionally identical to the Windows version, and once you have bought the game, it'll be available on all platforms.

We'll be continuing to update and optimize this port as best we can going forward, like we've been doing with the Windows version.

The journey of Owlboy is a fascinating one, and it's taken a long time to get to this point, but the team assures you, it's worth it! The world of this game is stunning, and is a true callback to the original 8-bit and 16-bit worlds that once filled the gaming world. See what it's like in full, hear the music that is perfectly placed, and have fun as you control Otus in an attempt to save his world.

It's a big world out there, but you're ready to take it on, and fight the evil pirates that try to do it harm.

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7/8/10/Vista 
    • Processor: Dual Core 
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM 
    • Graphics: Pixelshader 3.0 enabled graphics card 
    • DirectX: Version 9.0 
    • Storage: 600 MB available space 
    • Additional Notes: Requires installation of Windows Media Player
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