Paradox Platinum Pack

Paradox Platinum Pack

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The Platinum Pack is for the collection for the gamer who wants the quintessential Paradox gaming experience.

Providing a wonderful mix of tough uncompromising gameplay from the strategy titles to the wit and spellbinding fun of KoPP and Magicka, the Paradox Platinum Pack is a perfect treat for the gamer looking to delve into the best narratives from one of the best publishers around. This Platinum Pack provides incredible value with six games for the cost of buying them all individually. The collection includes the following titles:
  • Crusader Kings II (Windows - Mac - Linux)
  • Cities in Motion 2 (Windows - Mac - Linux) - Languages: English, German
  • Europa Universalis IV (Windows - Mac - Linux)
  • Warlock 2 - The Exiled (Windows - Mac - Linux) - Languages: English, German
  • Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition (Windows - Mac - Linux)
  • Magicka (Windows)

  • Windows 7 - Windows 8
  • Linux
  • Mac OSX

View the individual games for details about system requirements.

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