Rising World - Steam Gift (PC)

Rising World - Steam Gift (PC)

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About This Game

Rising World is an open-world sandbox game with randomly generated, fully destructible environments. We want to give players the opportunity to already play our game in the course of its development.

Starting with the most basic of tools, collect resources to survive in the wildness. Evolve your world to create one of the biggest cities of all time or a gigantic castle, or simply let your imagination run riot! If being creative is all too much, just connect with your friends and get them to help.

Anything is possible!

FRandomly generated worlds. Completely modifiable environment. Both single and multi-player modes. 200 different building materials. Place customised images in your world. Complex and deep network of underground caves. Environmental physics - trees and items. Interact with just about everything, right down to playing the piano! Day-night-cycle. Serverside script support (LUA).

Plus, since this game is still in early Alpha, your feedback will help make the game better!

“Consultation with the community is very important to us. Our forum, where all kinds of discussions can be initiated, is provided for just this purpose. Players can also report all kind of issues there, ensuring that bugs come to our attention and are eliminated as quickly as possible. We take the community’s needs and criticisms very seriously.”

So, with the world free and clear for you to build...what will you make? Will you be able to build everything on your own? Or will you seek help from others to ensure that your vision of your city, or your castle, or whatever you want to make is made to perfection? What about once the city, or whatever you make, is done? What will you make next? Will you try and make something else for people to enjoy? Or will you make something makes you happy? Rising World gives you the freedom to do all of that, and more!

System Requirements

Graphic: Intel HD 4000 1024 MB
Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 1024 MB
CPU: 2+ Cores
Memory: 3GB
Storage: 0.5GB
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