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Salt and Sanctuary - Steam Gift (PC)

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Salt and Sanctuary - Steam Gift (PC)

A Dark Souls inspired RPG, Salt and Sanctuary puts players on a grim 2D journey that asks them to fight and survive the harsh world.

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About this game

A doomed sailor is shipwrecked on an uncharted island. In fog-shrouded valleys, where grinning, mossy corpses cling to rusted arms, shambling figures begin to stir. Beneath crumbling, salt-worn structures, labyrinthine passageways lead to unspeakable evil, long forgotten by man.

Salt and Sanctuary seamlessly combines fast, brutal, and complex 2D combat with richly developed RPG mechanics. Discover, craft, and upgrade over 600 weapons, armor pieces, spells, and items as you explore a cursed realm of forgotten cities, blood-soaked dungeons, desecrated monuments, and the fallen lords they once celebrated.

From Ska Studios, the award-winning indie studio behind a long list of stylistic, visceral, and brutally executed action titles that includes The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, and Charlie Murder, comes Salt and Sanctuary, the studio’s most ambitious title to date.

When a game is inspired by another property, you often wonder how the game will honor that of which it is based on. Thankfully, the duo at Ska Studios have done right by Salt and Sanctuary. They based it on their love of the Souls series, as in Demon Souls and Dark Souls. They were inspired by how brutal the game was, how difficulty the game was in progression, and desperately wanted to make a 2D game that felt that way. Thus, Salt and Sanctuary was born.

True to form, the game gives you so many options on how to survive the island you have crashed on, and how to face the enemies that await you. Whether you're a berserker type who likes to attack first and ask questions later, or someone who prefers defense and long distance attacks, the game has you covered. The only question is, what all will you use to survive?

Your journey is about to begin. So be careful, be mindful of all that surrounds you, and most importantly, survive.

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