What is steam account?

Steam account is an account information for a new, additional account of steam, which is already registered with a game in library of this new account. So it is not a steam code.


How does steam account work?

Only a few steps and you can enjoy your purchase:

Step 1: Launch your Steam-Software and click on ?Steam“ at the top left and then on ?Change user“. With this you can log out of your regular Steam account.

Step 2: In the steam login window you can then enter the account details from above. Once logged in with your new Steam account you will find your purchase right in your Library, waiting to get played by you.


I have to authorize my PC – what now?

If Steam asks you to enter a security code, you will need to follow some simple steps, but only once: You can get the security code out of your Security E-Mail Account. This account is bound to your new Steam account, so you should keep this login informations safe:

Visit the webmail website https://e.mail.ru/login and enter the account information above. Once logged in you can read Steam’s email with the needed security code. Enter this code into your Steam client – and you’re all set!


Please keep in mind that all account information in this email are only in your possession now. We do not keep records and will not be able to recover any of the above accounts if you lose this data. Just tob e safe, we advise you to either print this email or keep all information in it in a safe place.


Order cancellation / retraction of the Steam Account

Please keep in mind we only can cancel the order and retract the Steam Account under the condition the game has not been started. We deliver the game with 0 hours game time and only if the game has not been used at all we can and will retract the account.

As soon we notice the game was downloaded and started once we categorically rule out to take back the account and refund a payment.


We kindly as for your understanding.

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