Street Legal Racing Redline v231 - Steam Gift (PC) Gamekey

Street Legal Racing Redline v231 - Steam Gift (PC)

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  • Release Date Nov 19, 2016
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About This Game

Street Legal Racing: Redline is a legend, it's the world's most popular vehicle mechanic simulator with night drag races and on-track racing events. We have improved the original game by adding a lot of new features and fixing old bugs.


Fixed baiern custom headlights and little fixes to chassis. Paintable stock rims. Unlocked hidden suspension scripts. Bugfixes for 2.2.1 and 2.3.0LE. Tyre texture replacement. New rear wings. Side exhaust for Prime DLH. New mufflers. Improved F3 camera for all stock cars. Skydome animation. Gullwing doors for SuperDuty. 900km/h speed limit

Completely new high-quality animated graphic interface, a lot of fixes and improvements to old interface code. Russian language support. Debug features (stop EXE, on-screen debug, print to log). THOR: little addon for asynchronous code execution. New type of GPS map with automatic route generator. Entirely new main menu. Extended freeride mode: now you can select the map. Add-on gamemodes and maps support. Extended career mode with over 60 racing events. Camera animations on race start

Both manual and automatic savegame support. New unlockable cheats (fillmygarage, testme, reddevil). Completely new credits menu. Hall of fame: my personal memorial in the game in honor of the legendary members of Street Legal community. New soundtrack, including unreleased tracks of Hotel Sinus. Paint booth as a dedicated game area.

But what's new in the game? How about 16 cars from Street Legal 1 with all the models, correct prices, and descriptions! As well as 17 new high-quality maps, including drag strip with working traffic light, because we know you need that!

Add to that 7 new gamemodes, including Drifting, Circuit racing and Drag racing, pedals for automatic, semi-automatic and manual transmission, Swaybars. DTM modifications of Nonus, Baiern and Einvagen. DTM V8 engine, and aShimutshibu Focer WRC bodykit!

So as you can see Street Legal Racing: Redline is worth the price of admisison.

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