Under the Ocean (PC)

Under the Ocean (PC)

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Shipwrecked on a tropical island, you must use your wits and the natural environment to survive, craft, explore - and eventually, find your way home. Under the Ocean is currently in early alpha.

Under the Ocean features a flexible, physics based crafting system. Hundreds of items interact in strange and unexpected ways. Attach a sharp rock to the end of some driftwood to make a spear. Then a glow worm for lighting, or dip the tip in poison berries - or both! Build traps to ensnare prey, windmills to generate power, a lakeside cabin, and eventually, a raft to make your way home.

Islands in Under the Ocean are randomly generated, giving you a new experience each time you travel. Elements mix and match in interesting ways. If you're on a boar infested island, you'd better have washed up armed! Islands can have different size, shape, terrain, lighting, weather, starting equipment, tools, weapons, animals, plants, backstories, hazards and more.

Under the Ocean is still in Alpha, so by purchasing today, you’re getting in on the ground floor. This of course means bugs and rough edges; but it’s also a chance to meaningfully support the development of the game, and help shape its future. Vote on new features at http://www.underthegarden.com
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