Undercover Missions Operation Kursk K-141

Undercover Missions Operation Kursk K-141

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Undercover Missions: Operation Kursk K-141

Undercover Missions: Operation Kursk K-141 tells the story of mystery and betrayal inspired by a real Russian submarine sinking in the year 2000. Players take control of agent Belyaeva as she investigates reports of a criminal organisation stealing Russian weapon systems. When your undercover colleague disappears, it’s up to you to uncover the criminal mastermind before the 130 people on board meet their fate at the bottom of the ocean.

Through 9 thrilling chapters players will be taken on a journey spanning nearly 50 locations. With a variety of puzzles and challenges to tackle, and interesting characters to interact with, Undercover Missions: Operation Kursk K-141 embraces classic point-and-click adventure style gameplay.

Facts & Features:

  • Solve unique puzzles, engage in interesting dialogue and collect items to stop the evil plans that put all 130 people on board in danger.

  • Explore nearly 50 locations from the gloomy town of Murmansk to the detailed submarine chambers of Kursk K-141.

  • 9 thrilling chapters tell the mysterious and unpredictable tale of the criminal organization onboard Kursk K-141.

  • 11 mini-games offer new challenges and puzzles that will test players skills.

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