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World of WarCraft: Warlords of Draenor WoW WoD - EU (PC)

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Carve a path through history

It is the era of an Old Horde, forged with steel rather than fel blood. A union of great orc clans, the Iron Horde, tramples the planet Draenor beneath terrifying war machines. Azeroth falls next. Worlds uncounted will follow.
You must mount a desperate charge on Draenor – savage home of orcs and adopted bastion of stoic draenei – at this pivotal moment. Your allies are legends from across time; your fortress a foothold in an alien land. Lead the armies of one world against another…before the future itself is unmade.




Heroes Reborn - With Warlords of Draenor, Classic Warcraft races sport higher detail, updated animations, and new visuals that reflect the soul of their original models.



Arise a Champion - Opposing the Iron Horde are the heroes of Azeroth - at the heights of power they’ve always been destined for.


Take Command on Draenor - To clash with the greatest army Draenor has ever known, you’ll need your own forces and your own fortress.



Before the orcs first invaded Azeroth, the Iron Horde rose to dominate a historic age.


Brave a Savage World

Draenor is a land of magma and metal, stone and steam. Enigmatic draenei refugees have built a coastal foothold into a glimmering state replete with the libraries and worship-halls of their timeless civilization. Meanwhile, the Iron Horde’s slaves labor on engines of war pointed at the draenei and worlds beyond.

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