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Xbox Live 15 GBP Gift Gard

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 Xbox Live 15 GBP Gift Gard Game Key 

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Xbox Live 15 GBP Gift Gard Game Key Description

With the Xbox Live credit cards, all Xbox Live members accumulate their credit so that they can buy the content offered in the Xbox Live Store. These include, among others, Xbox Live ArcadeGames, additional content for Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, avatar extras or season passes.
But credit is also needed to borrow and buy HD movies and TV series, or change your Xbox Live gamertag. (Info: Points can still be redeemed, but credits are credited to the customer in GBP.)


Xbox Live 15 GBP Gift Gard Game Key Features

  • Always and everywhere: Credit cards can be used on all devices - whether on the smartphone, tablet, PC or the Xbox 360

  • Apps in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Store: With the Xbox credit cards, content can be purchased not only in the Xbox Store, but also in the Windows 8 Store (from Windows 8.1) and the Windows Phone 8 Store, including a variety of apps

  • Xbox Games: Play with friends online, download new games and add-ons, and receive exclusive discounts on Arcade Games or Games On Demand titles every week

  • Xbox Music: Over 30 million songs to discover, stream, download and collect - on the TV, smartphone, tablet or PC

  • Xbox Video: On the tablet, PC or TV the latest series and movies in HD to borrow or buy - Xbox video makes it possible. With Xbox Video, content can be enjoyed in HD - no matter where you are

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