Battlefield 4 - 3 X Gold Battlepacks (PC)

Battlefield 4 - 3 X Gold Battlepacks (PC)

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The Battlefield 4 gold battlepack can be activated once only per account. GamesDeal is not responsible for the loss if more than 1 battlepack were activated and wasted.

*Requires Battlefield 4 to play.



Three complimentary Battlefield 4 Battlepacks,that contain a combination of new weapon accessories, dog tags, knives, XP boosts, and character customization items. The packs are designed to add an all-new layer of multiplayer persistence with an exciting element of chance, and are awarded during gameplay.



The Battlefield 4 Battlepacks can be unlocked while you play the multiplayer mode and level up in ranks. A BF4 Battlepack contains useful items like weapons, technical gadgets and specializations, granting you possible advantages. The battlepacks may be unlocked regardless of your class.

The Battlefield 4 Battlepacks differ in quality of included contents and are categorized in Gold, Silver and Bronze, with the Battlefield 4 Gold Battlepack - of course - offering the highest quality of items. In the game, you can only get your hands on the Gold Battlepacks when you have already reached quite a high rank - yet here at Gamesdeal, you can buy Battlefield 4 Gold Battlepack right away!








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