The Battlefield series offers up a unique warfare experience like no other, focusing on larger maps, vehicle battles and teamwork.

Developed by EA DICE, the Battlefield franchise has been giving players pulsating gameplay across several games since its debut back in 2002.

Battlefield 1 (PC)

Experience the dawn of all-out war in Battlefield 1. Squad up in epic 64-man multiplayer battles across ever-changing landscapes in the most fearsome battles known to man. Take to land, sea and air as you go back to where the modern era of warfare all began.


Battlefield 1 is the best World War I-themed FPS out there, delivering in excellent gunplay, massive and chaotic large scale battles, the introduction of horses and the light cavalry, and of course, the heavy hitting tanks.

The game's graphics are absolutely superb, as every shot fired, every explosion, and every model of a gun is just gorgeous to look at. The latest version of the Frostbite visual engine really shows just how powerful it is and what it can do, so, naturally, you're going to need a powerful machine to run this game at the highest graphical options. The guns feel and look heavy, every shot packs a punch, so you actually feel like your using a real gun, and not some virtual toy that shoots rubber bullets. Both the look and the sound of the guns is well done, and that can also be said for the vehicles, that feel very powerful when controlled, and some more than others. As it is in beta, the game does need some balancing, especially the tank, as it's practically an invincible fortress that sows death everywhere it goes. The horses were swift and agile, and they really do feel like something special that Battlefield didn't have before.

The returning feature in Battlefield 1 is the destructible terrain, and it's quite impressive. Destroying the terrain is fun, but it also changes the tactical part of the game. If your enemy hides in a house, just blow it away with a tank. It seems like you can destroy most objects in the game, which is way more than other Battlefield games allowed for.

Battlefield 1 has everything it needs for it to be a monstrous success at launch, and the only problems that could appear are the overloaded servers, as you can expect many people to jump into the game as soon as it launches!

Battlefield 4 (PC)

Battlefield 4 is a genre-defining entry in the hugely popular FPS series. Carve your way to victory by any means necessary, whether you're bringing down buildings or leading a battle by sea via gunboats, Battlefield 4 is the blockbuster we've been waiting for.


Battlefield 4, the Battlefield title that nailed down most of the multiplayer part of the game, while completely failing with the single player aspect. The basics for a solid single player campaign are there, superb game mechanics, a solid movement system with the ability to vault over obstacles, an almost automatic lean system. So, why is the campaign such a failure? The low amount of damage that your guns do, the annoying habit of NPCs to constantly hide behind cover and the game's mission to keep you on the edge of your seat with your character being unconscious at the end of most missions. The single player campaign is just one cliché after another, and there is no reason to play it.

The multiplayer on the other hand was quite enjoyable. It takes everything from the previous games and just increases the size of it all. The game has humongous maps that will take you minutes to get across by foot, which really makes it seem like a battlefield when you have 50 or more players playing. It can also seem like a desert when you have fewer players playing, but that won't happen in a lot of cases.

The tactical depth of the game is apparent and tied together with the destructible environment, which allows for some great plays using explosives. You can destroy entire sections of maps to remove any cover for your enemies, take down entire buildings with enemies in it and so on. Some maps aren't as fun to play as others, as they limit your playstyle by a lot, but everyone can find something that they enjoy in a map! The game modes are pretty much the same as the last game, with some exceptions like the Obliteration mode, where a bomb appears on the map and you have to grab it and destroy the enemies capture point with it. It's like you're playing rugby, but with guns and tanks.

Battlefield 4 is a letdown in terms of its single-player campaign, but the multiplayer alone makes this game a worthwhile purchase.

Battlefield Hardline (PC)

Prepare yourself for the urban destruction of the highest order with Battlefield Hardline. In a cops-and-robbers twist on the critically acclaimed FPS series, players will delve into a crime drama single player storyline like never seen before, with a whole arsenal of military-grade weaponry and a strategic, immersive multiplayer to boot.


Battlefield Hardline is a military FPS that focuses on the clash between the police and criminals.

The game actually has a solid single player campaign, with a somewhat confusing story and excellent voice acting and interesting missions. It even has stealth missions and the ability to take down your targets in a non-lethal way, but the story doesn't make sense and the whole police authority where you can shoot anyone and get away with it kind of breaks the immersion.

But, most people don't buy Battlefield for the single player, they buy the games for their multiplayer aspects. Battlefield Hardline doesn't have enormous maps where two armies face off, instead, you have the police force tackling groups of criminals. This would be interesting if it was a more worked out idea, since you still have access to military-grade weapons and equipment, so it's basically the same thing as other Battlefield games. Hardline does have things going for it, as the maps are smaller, so instead of tanks and jeeps, you will be using cars and motorbikes. The point is that the overall pace of the game feels much more chaotic and rushed as opposed to other Battlefield games. There is no planing and moments of peace before a skirmish, in Hardline bullets are flying everywhere, bodies are dropping like flies and you have an explosion every ten seconds no matter where you're at. The game also has some interesting game modes that spice things up a bit, such as hostage grabbing, cash theft, and even car heists! These modes do keep the game fresh, but in the end, it all comes down to who can kill their targets first, with little to no tactical depth.

Battlefield Hardline is a rather strange title in the franchise, as it's much more chaotic and fast-paced than the other ones, which will appeal to some people and not to others.

Battlefield 3 (PC)

Saddle up, Marine and head for the big apple! Follow the stories of Dimitri Mayakovsky and Henry Blackburn in Battlefield 3, as chaos ensues in the War of 2014. Reclaim the skies with the return of fighter jets, team up with a friend in the all-new co-op mode and experience the carnage only a Battlefield game can bring


Battlefield 3 followed a strange path with its single player campaign. It went in the direction of the modern Call of Duty games and the single player is nothing more than a pure linear-shooter, just with vehicle action and some stealth segments. The graphics are also much prettier than Call of Duty, but that still doesn't excuse the fact that the single player could have been something spectacular, but unfortunately it's just a "shoot waves of enemies until you're given a sign to go to the next area and shoot more enemies" type of single player campaign.

The multiplayer, on the other hand, is actually quite fun. The graphics are as pretty as ever, the destructible environment is still there, meaning you can blow most things apart, and, of course, large scale battles with tanks and aircraft are also present. Shooting other players will be what you will be doing most of the time, and the game offers many different guns for you to do that with. You get some basic guns and equipment at the start, and you unlock more as you play the game.

DICE already knows how to make guns feel like guns, so you will feel like you're blasting someone with an assault rifle when you do, which adds to the immersion of this military shooter. From your main weapon to your sidearm, the choices you have are varied and many, so you won't have many troubles with finding a gun that suits you best.

The game truly shines when you engage in 64-player conquest modes with friends, as that gives the game tactical depth that it lacks when you're playing with random people over the internet. But playing with maybe a clan and using voice chat will make you will like you're a part of a real army squad, and that's something extraordinary!