Cloud Pirates Beta Key

Cloud Pirates Beta Key

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Cloud Pirates Beta Key

Cloud Pirates is an action adventure PVP title that has players experience intense battles in the area via custom ships.

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Take command of your own airship and navigate the clouds to battle rival captains in exciting tactical team combat. Rule the skies by dodging enemy volleys, using daring maneuvers and your impressive weaponry. Blaze through science-fiction fantasy battlefields in your state of the art airship and become a legendary Cloud Pirate!

As you progress, you will gain access to tons of unique upgrades and weapons that will grant your airships new powerful abilities. Give your ships a fearsome and deadly appearance through numerous visual customization options, and develop your captain & crew. Become the scourge of the skies!

Form a squadron and cooperate with other cloud pirates in strategic battles. Play to the strengths of your team mates: combine your firepower to overwhelm the enemy, or simply outsmart them by beating the other captains to the capture point or loot. Adjust your team strategy for each game mode!

Would you rather be in the thick of battle piloting a mighty Dreadnought, or mount the sniper’s roost in a light Galleon? Try various abilities and surprise your enemies in each battle with new tactics specifically suited for that battlefield. Choose the role that suits your play style best, change altitude at the right moment and take cover when needed. A cunning captain leaves nothing to chance!

Plus, if you get the Steam Early Access version of the game, you're get special content via the free navigator pack! You'll get 7-day Elite Status, 750 Rubies to spend in the game, a custom flag made for you because you're technically a Cloud Pirates founder, along with a custom portrait and icon for your Founder status, and a special forum title. There's even a purchasable Admiral Pack that'll give you even more content.

So no matter how you play, Cloud Pirates gives you the freedom to play it your way, and have fun the whole time.

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