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Might Magic Heroes 7 Trial by Fire - Steam Gift (PC)

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Might Magic Heroes 7 Trial by Fire - Steam Gift (PC)

Might Magic Heroes 7 Trial by Fire is an expansion of the strategy RPG that sets a new story and new twists on the gameplay.

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About this game

Our story takes place during a war of succession. The Empress’ murder has left a realm in flames with many hungry rivals ready to seize the throne by force. The Duke Ivan then calls together a prestigious council of six trusted advisors to restore order and end the conflict that set ablaze Ashan’s lands.

Might & Magic® Heroes® VII makes a triumphant return bringing you the essence of turn based strategy gaming. Set in a fantasy universe with RPG progression with a strong story narrative, you will embark on a journey that you will never forget!

Explore and conquer the enchanted world of Ashan. Develop and manage your economy. Lead armies of legendary creatures to battle. Build up Heroes of Might & Magic with hundreds of abilities and powerful artifacts.

Then, when you're ready to go even deeper into the world, dive into the Might Magic Heroes 7 Trial by Fire expansion!

A STAND-ALONE EXPANSION - ideal for existing Might & Magic Heroes VII players, newcomers and fans of previous entries alike.

A NEW EPIC STORY - Play two original and thrilling campaigns starring the recently crowned emperor Ivan and legendary Dwarven heroes.

NEW FORTRESS FACTION: DWARVES - Lead the fierce warriors, industrious blacksmiths, and masters of Rune Magic on a path to define their destiny.

EXPERIENCE MIGHT & MAGIC HEROES' UNIQUE MIX OF TURN-BASED STRATEGY AND RPG GAMEPLAY - Now featuring improved mechanics and additional maps.

REDISCOVER THE RICHNESS OF THE MIGHT & MAGIC UNIVERSE - filled with new heroes & iconic creatures, new artifacts, abilities and achievements.

So whether you're a new fan of the series, or someone who has been here every step of the way, there's something special for you to do. Plan the main game, then play the expansion to see just how epic the series is. This strategy RPG is just begging to be played. Are you ready?

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