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Reigns - Steam Gift (PC)

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  • Release Date Oct 11, 2016
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About This Game

An Unpredictable Kingdom: Each year of your reign brings another important – seemingly random – request from your unpredictable kingdom as you strive for balance between the church, the people, the army, and the treasury. Prudent decisions and careful planning make for a long reign but unforeseen motivations, surprise events, and poor luck can take down even the most entrenched monarch.

Dynasty Expansion: Extend your reign as long as possible, forge alliances, make enemies, and find new ways to die as your dynasty marches along through the ages. Some events will span on centuries, with an intrigue involving burning witches, scientific enlightenment, wicked politics and, maybe, the Devil himself.

Royal Challenges: Achieve specific goals set before you at the start of your reign to cement your legacy and unlock new cards and content within the kingdom.

Very few games present themselves like Reigns does, and you'll be entranced by not only the visual design, but the audio that'll keep you reeled in. Experience the simplicity and the beauty of the game, and then see where your journey takes you. Each decision you make will affect you, the people, the kingdom, and more, so be wise, or be evil, it's your call, you're the king! Just be ready to reap what you sow, or to be reaped by those who are tired of you.

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