The Gilde 2 - Gold Edition (PC)

The Gilde 2 - Gold Edition (PC)

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Fantastic play fun for countless hours - "The Guild 2" as well as the add-on "Corsair of the Hanseatic League" for the first time in a package! Medieval life has never been so fascinating!

The Gold Edition contains both the main game "The Guild 2" and the add-on "Pirates of the Hanseatic League". The Gold Edition offers you one of the most innovative player experiences of all time: Create your individual character, practice in one of the many professions, and transform as an aspiring citizen through the rough world of Annually. Create, or gain strength, power and power for yourself and your dynasty.

Features The Guild 2 - Gold Edition

The Middle Ages comes to life! Experience the last years of the Middle Ages in a beautifully designed and breathtaking 3D world like never before.
Everything in real time. Wander through the streets and you will happen to experience the execution of a prisoner or catch one of your opponents as he steals a rich merchant.
Increase your power requirement. As a successful merchant or as a skillful thief, you can watch your dynasty thrive or perish, and your group and family slowly get smaller. Design your own game character. State-of-the-art role-playing features let you design your own unique characters and play in a group of up to 3 members with different strengths and weaknesses.

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